Mastiff Pro Detailing, LLC is a full service Structural Steel Detailing firm. With over 20 years working experience in both commercial and heavy industrial markets. Our use of today's current software, knowledge, and commitment to projects makes the choice of working with us smart. Please read our story below and then give us a call or click on our contact page to request a quote. 

Our Story

Started in 2006, just before the credit collapse in 2008, Mastiff Pro Detailing was just one of a dozen detailing firms any fabricator would use. But following the economic crisis, most fabricators turned inwards and invested in their infrastructure and many detailers were unable to find work. Our focus turned towards bettering our infrastructure too and that included shifting markets. We found work in Heavy Industrial where the US economy received economic stimulus to rebuild water ways and bridges. Many unique projects were created and we are proud to have been a part of those successful teams. As our story continues, we look to push into the next era of technology, offering fabricators a friend in a challenging time. Technology is catching up with the competition. Fabricators have invested in new machinery and software to give them advantages, but are finding it hard to implement. With our input, we hope to align ourselves with you to bring your internal systems in line with MRP, CNC, and Systems Information. To help get your product out the door and invoiced faster.